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You have been told you need a website, to get online, you are confused but willing to try, if you only knew how. 

Well you have come to the right place. I am passionate about helping creatives & entrepreneurs grow their business by creating a genuine digital presence.

For many, when you are starting out, building a website can trigger a lot of blocks that you didn't even know existed. I get that and I can support you through it.

You know you have something to offer. People rave about your services. You also know that there are people out there that you could help.....if they only knew you existed.

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Every business has different requirements however as a guide pricing starts at $1500.

If you don’t have your copy and images already, that's ok, we can work with you on this! Ask about our photography & personal branding packages.

how much does it cost?

If you are clear about why you want to get online and have your content & images ready to go it should take no more than 3 weeks.

If you are clear about why you want to get online but don’t have content or images ready to go and need our help it may take a wee bit longer.

how long does it take?

I take a collaborative approach to website design projects. Your input is key to your website project success.

We will have a planning & strategy session and yes that includes homework.

We will identify content & images you require, you may choose to do this yourself or with my copywriter and photographer.

I will take all the content & information and design the key templates. We will revise as needed.

The last step is the final handover, unveiling your website and walking you through how to navigate and maintain it.

how does it work?

Service-based micro businesses & entrepreneurs who dream of a website that reflects who they are and what they offer.

Someone just starting out or your business may be your side hustle for now but you have big dreams for it and need it to reflect who you are and where you want to take it now.

who is it for?

Your website is an important marketing tool, probably your most powerful.

It is your customer service and your sales all rolled into one.

It conveys what you sell or do and who you are. It needs to engage and educate.

It is a tool that you can control and where all other marketing efforts should point to.

frequently asked questions about custom designed websites

Goddess Organics provider of organic fruit, vegetables and pantry items.

The client wanted a website that was reflected their brand, a move away from the expected to a sexy, sophisticated look yet easy to navigate for busy mums.

This was a responsive wordpress custom build with woocommerce shop functionality.

The website needs to instantly communicate why Goddess Organics exists and how they understand the needs, wants of people looking to eat better and providing a solution.

goddess organics

MDMA – Meagan Dench Makeup Artistry is an experienced MUA based on the NSW Coast.

The client wanted a website that could artistically showcase her work yet, easy to navigate, highlighting her services and experience.  

The website is responsive and optimised for SEO.

I worked with the client on an ongoing basis to update images on the website and for the MDMA’s portfolio and marketing.

meagan dench makeup artistry

Jess of Illuminated Pathways is an Art Therapist based in Queensland.

The client wanted a website that was easy to navigate, highlighted her services and experience at a glance, succinctly educate what Art Therapy is, and provide the visitor with enough information about her as a therapist and what to expect before being able to get in contact to either find out more or book a session.

This website was created in a 1:1 workshop. The client had completed the preliminary work of obtaining a domain and hosting and had her copy. The workshop included photography for the website, and portrait that captured her beautiful, open and approachable nature.

The website is responsive and optimised for SEO.

illuminated pathways

Cape Byron Platters – Locally sourced seasonal produce from Byron Bay and surrounds. Delicious platters of assorted cheeses, cured meats, seasonal fruits, olives and biscuits delivered to your door for you, your family and friends to enjoy.

The client wanted a ecommerce website that was easy to navigate and highlighted her products at a glance.

The client wanted to be able to showcase the platters and provide the visitor with enough information before being able to place an order with ease.

The customer experience is important, so we ensured that the customer could select their preferred delivery date and time and for the client to enable a minimum order time.


This website was created in a 1:1 workshop. The client had completed the preliminary work of obtaining a domain and hosting and had her copy. The workshop included photography for the website, which included sampling the platters. #perksofthejob

The website is responsive and optimised for SEO.

 - Jess

kind Words

Web Designer, Business Strategist, Photographer, Yogini, Animal Lover, Wanderluster from Sydney, Australia.

I love seeing people step into their own. I love seeing people build businesses that they are passionate about. I love being part of that journey. I love making the process as easy as possible for them. I love designing websites.

I have been a part of many journeys, my heart explodes with joy when I think back to those times, I have brought what I have learnt from working with business owners and what I know about website and digital marketing together and I am so darn excited to what the future holds for you.

Hello, I'm Samantha

A Multi Passionate Creative

 I want to thank you for the amazing job you did to create my website! When I started up my business this was one area I didn’t know where to start. - meagan

kind Words

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Parvati Yoga Template

Parvati Yoga Teacher Template like the goddess herself will help you become your highest self.

Designed for Yoga Teachers. Clean design to easily communicate who you are and what you offer.

The feminine yet professional design will showcase your passion for yoga and connect you with your tribe.

are you a yoga teacher and looking to get a website up yourself at a lower cost? then Parvati yoga template is for you

strategically designed for yoga teachers

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