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Hello I'm samantha

Prior to becoming a Digital Marketer, I was working within the Fashion Industry.

I have over fifteen years of diverse experience in retail buying and merchandise planning within the fashion industry, from “High-End Luxury” Brands to one of the largest retailer of women’s fashion in Australia. I have Cert IV in Retail Management and in Business Marketing.

I loved what I did until I didn’t…..over the fifteen years, there were, when I look back, quite a few opportunities to change course that I just didn’t see at the time or want for that matter. But when I asked myself if what I was doing I wanted to be doing for the next thirty-plus years, the answer was no……


Finding the courage to believe in yourself is so powerful and the support I received from family and friends was all the reassurance I needed. So here I am…..

I recognized that the skills that I had developed over the course of my career; creativity, strong negotiation skills, assertive decision making and commercial awareness are critical to any role.

After a good while soul searching, realising how much of my identity was tied up in my work.  I looked back at how I got to where I was and what I enjoyed in each of those roles and what I enjoyed doing in my personal life……what were my strengths, my weaknesses?

I was naturally analytical but always sought creative outlets.

Well believe it or not but it was like being hit over the head, I was driving and chatting to my friend when in mid sentence, it happened, it was one of those ah-ha! moments and I set about planning how I was going to do what I knew I needed to do.

I knew it was not going to be easy becoming a full-time student, giving up full-time work with a mortgage and all the trappings of life as I knew it. But I didn’t know just how rewarding it would be.


In 2013 I completed Cert IV in Web Technologies. The course covered all aspects of web project life-cycle, specification development, website building, basic programming and project management.

I have since then gone onto to complete Effective Web Writing for Business course at the University of Sydney and as I am passionate about all things digital specifically web design and development and love continuing my studies in this field.  Since completing my Web Design & Development course I have studied Responsive Web Design for Mobile and Desktop and Visual Design at General Assembly. You could say I thrive on learning and further developing my skills and always on the look out for emerging trends.

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Photography has always been a very big part of my life, as a child I would sit and spend hours going through our family photo albums, I especially loved the images captured of my parents before they were my parents, I still do. My father (now retired) in his early days was a street portrait photographer before he ventured overseas to launch businesses within the health and fitness industry but never lost his love of photography, fortunately for me, that meant he passed the love on.

So for me capturing moments has been like breathing, and although I pursued a career in fashion as a Planner, I sought to balance out my left and right brain by picking up my camera whenever I could, which meant joining community groups of like-minded people.

It wasn’t until I studied I finished my web design and development and digital marketing studies and launched Sam Bee Web that I found my beautiful clients needed help with content and specifically original images of themselves and their businesses that Photography became part of what I do for others and not just personal projects.


work with me

work with me

I love seeing people step into their own. I love seeing people build businesses that they are passionate about. I love being part of that journey. I love making the process as easy as possible for them. I love designing websites.

I have been a part of many journeys, my heart explodes with joy when I think back to those times. I have brought what I have learnt from working with business owners and what I know about website and digital marketing together and I am so darn excited to what the future holds for you.

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